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An Introduction to Working with Crystals

People working with crystals in a variety of different ways. I suggest trusting your intuition and connecting with the crystals in whatever way feels good and truthful to you. Below are some pointers on ways to choose the right crystal for you and suggestions on how to use crystals as tools for healing and guidance.


Everything is energy and has an energetic frequency or resonance. Just as each individual person has a unique energy, so does each crystal. A crystal’s energy frequency has the ability to filter into your energy and transmute negative energies to restore your system to balance and health. This can be done on a physical, emotional, mental and spirit energetic levels.


Take two different crystals, placing one in each hand. Notice if you sense different energy frequencies between the two: Are they hot or cold? Are they fast or slow? What feelings arise in your body from each of them? What else do you sense?


Chakra, meaning “wheel” in Sanskrit, are nodes of spinning energy, each at specific light frequency. Each chakra has a specific meaning and purpose. When chakras are blocked, slowed down, are become “off”, this may manifest negatively in your bodies, minds, and emotions. In the chart below, on the left are energy frequencies we experience when our chakras are balanced and healthy. On the right are energy frequencies we experience when our chakras need to be cleansed and charged.

A blocked throat chakra may present as the inability to speak one’s truth when one hears others speak lies or negativity. In this case, I would recommend using azurite crystal (or any blue-colored crystal you feel drawn to) to help release this block.

In general, the color of a crystal corresponds to the chakra color frequency. Below are some examples:


Without thinking too much, refer to the chart above and notice which chakra color you’re drawn to the most. Select a crystal that corresponds to that chakra. Hold the crystal in your hand and repeat exercise 1 above – notice any sensations, thoughts, images, memories, feelings you receive. Ask the crystal to cleanse and charge the corresponding chakra. Carry this crystal with you for a few days, or until you feel the associated negative feelings leave.

To delve deeper and learn more about chakras, the philosophical history, and healing, I recommend Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System by Anodea Judth PhD.


There are many ways to meditate from visualizations, mantras, transcendental meditation, and movement meditation such as walking and yoga. Regardless of which form of meditation you are drawn to, all have the purpose of fostering inner peace, which in turn lowers blood pressure, calms the central nervous system, and decreases depression.

With busy lives and many modern day distractions, it can be difficult to quiet our monkey minds and simply be present in the moment to meditate. There are many crystals that can helps us with this challenge. Below are some examples:

*I suggest holding them in your hand, or placing them around you as you meditate to allow their energy frequencies to penetrate yours.

Clear quartz - Brings clarity into chakras and aura. Pulls out negative energy and fills it with positive. Increases psychic abilities. Enhances balance.

Amethyst – Activates intuition, reduces stress and anxiety, aides in overcoming addiction, transforms negative energy into love energy.

Selenite - Calms, brings peace and mental clarity, angelic protection, aides in remembering and retaining memory.

Ocean Jasper - Reduces stress, anxiety, and negative thought patterns. Brings self-love and self-compassion. Releases self-limiting patterns. Helps release old emotional baggage.

Amber - Powerful healer and cleanser of the body, mind and spirit. Heals and renews the nervous system, balancing the right and left parts of the brain. Alleviates stress, clears depression. Brings wisdom, balance and patience.

Go Deeper

Grab your favorite crystal and join me on Calm Nest for group guided crystal healing meditations via Zoom each month to connect even deeper:

Upcoming: Tuesday, May 3 at 10am PST

If you have any questions or need help sourcing crystals, please email and I can point you in the right direction.

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