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Essential Oils for Releasing Emotions and Being YOU!

Challenging moments can arise during eclipse season, inviting us all to go deeper and love our shadow side even more. If you’re going through the storm, relax and receive healing from this essential oil anointed sound bowl bath via my YouTube channel:

Yesterday, I work up with immense anger. Thankfully, I have learned some tools over the years to detach from the emotions and became the objective observer. I was not anger – the energy/emotion of anger had infiltrated my beingness. I grabbed my sagenite crystal to assist me in seeing why anger had showed up. Rebellious teenager Kelsey wanted attention. Aww hello beautiful shadow! Not being seen and cherished by certain people in my life triggered old emotional wounds of unworthiness, hurt and rage. As I held little Kelsey with love, listened to her, reflected her light back to her, the negative emotions transmuted into peace and love.

How others perceive me has absolutely nothing to do with me and everything to do with the seer. This is why it’s so important to not give a F*ck what others perceive of you because often times people are myopic and blinded by their own CONditioning. When we choose to see the bigger picture, it’s easier to continually choose love and compassion for yourself and All.

I intuitively asked which plant spirits and their corresponding essential oils would come forward to help us all in flowing with and releasing emotions, and seeing and celebrating our True selves with love. These four beautiful Devas spoke loudly:

You are limitless! I give you strength to heal and expand.

Don’t take anything personal. Let it go and flow. When others don’t see you, I see you! And you are magnificent!

Remember who you really are and be you. Look at the bigger picture and see how/why trauma and challenging moments helped you to blossom into YOU. What is your true essence?

Clear stress and anxiety! Energize and celebrate your victories, your truth, your talents, your established boundaries, and your emanating love.

PS: We are not emotions. Emotions are labels we assign certain energetic frequencies that infiltrate our beingness. If we are the boat floating on the ocean, emotions are the energies flowing through the ocean waves, causing the waves and the boat to rise and fall accordingly. Whether the emotions/waves are calm or torrential, how we react to them is our choice. We can embrace the storms like Captain Dan in Forrest Gump, welcoming peace and freedom on the other side. Or we can try to outmaneuver them, and battle and fight against them like The Perfect Storm. Remember, this too shall pass. At some point the seas will calm and the sun will rise once more. Be patient and flow.

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