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Essential Oils for Taurus Season

The sun entered Taurus season last week, and the North Node entered Taurus January of this year and will remain here until July 2023. For some of you, Taurus energy is not your jam. I get it. Yet what a great opportunity to experience aspects of life! As a Taurus, I will be more than happy to guide you through this cycle. I just celebrated 35 years around the sun on April 21 in Joshua Tree, unplugged with zero reception, merged with Mother Earth, celestial skies, and pure sensual euphoria. This is the bliss side of Taurus!

Taurus vibes are all about connecting with Mother Earth, eating good food, expanding all your senses, setting boundaries, being valiant, and getting your finances in order. However, when enjoyment or sense of security is jostled, we can get mad enough to charge at anything that moves and really have to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

I invite you to look at your birth chart and see where Taurus resides. These aspects of your chart may be doing some moving and shaking. If you don’t have your birth chart, get one for free here.

When I shamanically connected with the plant spirits, these beautiful essential oils listed below were super loud in wanting to help us navigate Taurus energy to live long and prosper:

1. Kanuka: “I got you babe” essence. We’ve all been in those moments of overwhelming stress and worry, wondering if abundance would ever come in. Whether it’s abundance in love, money, health, adventures, or opportunities to actualize your soul’s dreams, Kanuka’s sweet energy calms the negative mind chatter and coats our hearts with ridiculous amounts of love and security. We can surrender and trust Divine timing with Kanuka! I love putting her on my heart and shoulders where I carry stress.

2. Davana: “Connect to ancient wisdom” essence. Sometimes the way forward isn’t so clear. Our feelings may say one thing, our mind another, and our hearts another. Davana is a direct connection to Source/God/Great Spirit/Universal Consciousness and literally downloads the answers for our highest good in a heartbeat. Breathe her in and as you breathe out, give her all your prayers or intentions. I love putting a few drops on my heart and third eye.

3. Osmanthus: “Sensory Experiences are Bliss!” essence. Osmanthus aides us in slowwwing down and releasing any fear, guilt or shame around sensuality. I use sensuality here in engaging all six senses, not just in the romantic sense. Take your time to notice the fragrance of Spring in the air, how fresh blueberries burst open in your mouth, how your body feels after a hot bath, the messages of the wind rustling through trees. The human experience can be euphoric if we choose! I love putting her on my heart and sacral chakra.

4. Paramela: “Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride, nobody’s gonna slow me down, oh no, I’ve got to keep on moving” essence. When you need to break free from behaviors, people, and situations that are holding you back from being your glorious self, turn on this jam and anoint yourself with Paramela. She helps us embrace freedom and set strong boundaries with love and joy. I love putting her on my stomach, solar plexus area.

Don’t be shy and let me know how Taurus season is going so far for you, and how you’re jiving with the essential oils!

Wishing you All love, peace, and bliss. Xo Kelsey

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