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The Health & Wealth of Holy Basil

The Health & Wealth of Holy Basil

Holy Basil is sacred plant to Hindus and many people as it helps people on their journey to be Holy (aka “whole”). It is when we are “whole” that we can be in a state of bliss, connected to our high-self and Spirit truth, and recognize the illusionary paradigms of this world that create chaos, anger and fear in this world.

The Holy Basil is also a manifestation of the Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth and fortune. For when we are whole, we have all the wealth and fortune we need.

This is not only because we can manifest what our soul needs for this life path, but also that our mindset changes from ego-driven needs, to Spirit-driven needs.

Manifesting monetary wealth is done so in the service of self-care to fill our cups with nurturing and love that we need in order to be of service to others. If our cup is drained, then we are no use to ourselves or anyone else. It is not necessarily about wants, but rather needs for self and others.

Another sacred property of Holy Basil is aiding us in past life regression journeys. We cannot be whole in this life if we have unresolved trauma in our past lives affecting us.

For example, in many of my past lives I had miscarriages, children taken away from me, and one child was even murdered. This manifested in this life as I have always been petrified of having children. I couldn’t figure out why as my mom is the best mom in the world, and I have many, many examples around me of beautiful parent/child relationships, and seeing patriarchal paradigms torn down providing opportunities for women to have liberties, career and motherhood simultaneously.

It wasn’t until I started doing past life regression journeys to honor these painful traumas in the past, heal these wounds, forgive transgressors, and embrace the choice of potential motherhood as a possibility coming from love and not fear.

This is why my dear friend and hypnotherapist Sandra D and I are co-hosting the guided past life regression and ceremonial anointing of Holy Basil on March 20.

We hope that you join us in this beautiful work to discover places in need of healing, forgiveness, grace, love, strength, and heart-centered living.

SIGN UP HERE for the Guided Past Life Regression Journey on Saturday, March 20 at 11:00am PST.

EMAIL KELSEY if you would like to purchase medicinal grade 100% pure and ceremonially hand-poured Holy Basil Oil from Wisdom of the Earth:

In addition to the beautiful spiritual and emotional healing properties of Holy Basil, this Deva has very powerful physical healing properties:

Anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, cephalic (brain balancing), rheumatism, mental clarity, blood purifier, gout, bronchitis, prostatitis, lowers blood congestion in veins, aids in heart rhythm, bladder inflammation, antiviral, analgesic, digestion, gallbladder, liver detox.

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