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What are Animal Spirits?

A few years ago, I started seriously connecting with animal spirits. They first visited me in my dreams showing me a higher path to live, warning me of danger, and even premonitions.

Then they started showing up in ordinary reality (real life) – an owl hooting outside my bedroom window for nights on end, a wolf crossing the road in front of me, a woodpecker pecking away outside my meditation room window, a caterpillar crawling across my table while I contemplate a question at breakfast. Is this all random? Am I seeing things?

No. These signs are all divinely sent to get our attention to know we are loved and supported as we go through transformations and change.

I have been in some tough situations, and boy did I need love and support to get out of those tough situations! I know everyone can relate to life throwing you curve balls and taking you through twists and turns. And thank God! Otherwise, life would be pretty boring.

Often times when we have anxiety or depression in our lives, not knowing what our life purpose is, it is because we’ve lost our Power Animal and connection to Spirit. We can lose our Power Animals if we don’t pay attention to them, heeding the signs they throw at us, connecting with them through meditation or calling them in regularly.

And everyone has a Power Animal and Divine Helpers (Archangels, Ascended Masters, Fae, etc.) whether they know it or not.

It is amazing to see the shifts in people’s lives when they connect with their Power Animal. Depression and anxiety dramatically decrease instantly. Medications are tossed in the bin. Fun and joy flows.

If we feel down in the dumps and like we’ve lost our Power Animal, how do we get them back?

1. Be Open – Did you or children in your life ever tell you they have an imaginary friend they talk to? Maybe you’re/they’re talking to their spirit animal or divine helpers. Ever have a series of synchronicities out of nowhere? Start paying attention to what they mean.

2. Dream – Before you go to bed each night, tell yourself “I will remember my dreams”. Keep a journal next to your bed and right down your dreams. Notice any themes or symbols/images and particularly animals that show up. What do you think they’re trying to tell you?

3. Be in Nature – Whether you’re lucky enough to live near a forest, swim in the ocean, or just take a lovely stroll around your urban neighborhood, see what animals show up and say hi. Maybe it’s a city squirrel, a moose, dolphin, praying mantis (Yes! I did have one fly up 12 floors to a balcony where I was sitting in the middle of Hollywood!). What do you think they’re trying to tell you?

4. Power Animal Retrieval - As a shamanic practitioner and psychic medium, I am able to see spirits in this physical (ordinary) reality, and also journey to the upper and lower worlds to communicate with Divine Helpers to retrieve Power Animals for people, retrieve lost parts of souls that separated during moments of trauma, and extract negative entities that have attached to people. *I do not perform any healing or readings without my Divine Helpers, including my power animal. It is through their power, not mine, that healing and wisdom take place.

5. Get Curious & Have Fun! - Start exploring Power Animals Spirits and their meanings. Google search what other people and cultures revere about Animal Spirits. I also recommend: Spirit Animal Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Tons of Love,


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