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What Beauty Industry are you Engaging With?

Are you going “IN” to define beauty for yourself, or are you relegating this agency to other people or companies?

Industry means “to build from within”. The root word of industry stems from the Latin indostruus - indu meaning “in, within” and struere meaning “to build”.

Today the word industry is often of the mind/ego, associated with a capitalistic goal to make money. Nothing wrong with money. It is simply an energy exchange. However, it is the intention behind this energy exchange that needs careful evaluation.

I see many in the “beauty industry” creating not from within (a.k.a. from the heart) but rather from the mind/ego space of dominance, manipulation, and narcissism. There are so many “beauty” products out there that it’s very easy to get lost in the milieu of ads, social media, influencers, celebrities, and sensory overloads.

How do we know what’s good for us?

In a profound moment, the wise grandmother of one of my dear friends whispered in her ear, “Do what feels good”. If we feel something is off in our hearts and gut, then it’s a no. If we feel it positively resonate within our being, it’s a yes.

Our bodies are barometers of truth for our Divine spirits. Revel in them. Listen to them.

Pause. Breathe. Close your eyes.

How do you really feel? Where in your body do you feel certain emotions? Where are those emotions really stemming from? Follow the trail of emotions back to their source – an event in the past? Anxiety about the future? Are the emotions even yours, or are you an empath carrying the emotions of others? Is it ancestral trauma that isn’t yours?

SEND LOVE to all these places in your body, to any memories or thoughts that pop up. Notice the subtle shifts as you step into love.

The more deeply we love ourselves UNCONDITIONALLY, the more our lights expand. You become that person that lights up a room and fills everyone with radiant sunshINe. Now that’s frickin’ beautiful, and Maybelline ain’t going to get you there my love. Only you can.

Again: What kind of beauty industry are you choosing?

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