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Trachyspermum Ammi



*This is a HOT (yang) essence.  This is great for the bottom of your feet where the skin is thicker.


If you want to apply to other parts of your body, Layer your skin by putting a Yin essence on first (Vetiver is great!) followed by Ajowan.

*Try one drop of the yin essence followed by Ajowan on the back of your hand first before applying to other places on your body to make sure you are not skin sensitive.  IF you are skin sensitive, use a carrier oil (coconut oil, olive oil) to dilute the skin irritation.  


Physical Properties:

Anti-septic (antimicrobial), analgesic (pain relief), spastic colon, respiratory, germicide, carminative (gas), sleep, insomnia, sore muscles, deep-seated congestion, anti-bacterial, anti-viral. 


Emotional/Spiritual Properties:

Clear fear.  Aura Cleanser. 

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