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My Favorite Things AromaKit

My Favorite Things AromaKit

My Favorite Things AromaKit gives people the opportunity to experience fifteen Wisdom of the Earth’s most popular essences to see for themselves why these stand out from our extensive portfolio of over 260 essential oils. Some are well-known favorites in the global aromatherapy community, while others may be new to even experienced users of essential oils.  


This AromaKit is a wonderful introduction to a range of essences that have been enjoyed by all types of people for all types of reasons…spiritual, emotional and physical…and are reordered over and over because they have become personal favorites.  


Essences included:  Cardamom, Green; Cedarwood, Himalayan; Cornmint; Eucalyptus, Gully Gum; Frankincense; Laurel Leaf; Lavender, Fine; Lemon, Green Cedro; Lemongrass, Indian; Orange, Blood Red (Italy); Pine, Red; Rosemary cineole; Spikenard; Ylang Ylang

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