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Peaceful Journey…A Hospice AromaKit

Peaceful Journey…A Hospice AromaKit

Fifteen 2 Ml Essences & Fabric Holder

The end of life journey began with our first inhale and ends with our last exhale…two gentle parentheses which cradle the entirety of our earthly experience.  Our journey to the other side need not be defined by fear, doubt, sadness or pain…for ourselves, or for those who love and care for us.  Indeed, this transition, if done with support and clear intention, can be made peacefully, lovingly and consciously.  The essences selected for Peaceful Journey offer support, comfort and clarity for the ultimate journey of one’s life.


Essences included:  Frankincense, Lime (Mexican), Orange (Blood Red), Geranium, Lavender (Fine), Pine (White), Pine (Ocean),  Rhododendron, Peppermint (US), Rosewood, Bergamot, Myrtle (linalool), Ylang Ylang, Marjoram (Wild) and Cypress.

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