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It’s actually an extraordinary thing to witness Kelsey in healing mode.  Any scepticism immediately vanishes because she is so clearly the real deal!  It’s humbling and beautiful to hear how often she requests that her own ego be put aside so that she can channel the healing she’s intent upon sharing.  In the sessions I’ve had with her, she’s told me things that have resonated deeply (and which she couldn’t possibly have known about beforehand); and has given me really useful information about plants and crystals that have been able to support me.  She’s also fantastic at hands-on work – she unknotted some muscles in my neck far more quickly and effectively than any osteopath or physio I’ve ever been to!  Best of all, she is a genuinely beautiful soul who clearly delights to be of service and her caring is very real.  Can’t recommend her highly enough!

Helen A., United Kingdom

I had been on a healing journey for a while before meeting Kelsey, tired of being stuck in a cycle, searching for solutions and working with all kinds of practitioners (Western and Eastern approaches). Eternally trying to figure out what was wrong with me. The difference between Kelsey and anyone else I have ever worked with is that she shows you there’s nothing wrong with you, she gently empowers you session by session until you realise you’re capable of healing yourself and others around you. If hurt people hurt people then, healed people can heal people. Kelsey heals.

Nikkita Weerasinghe, Los Angeles, CA

I’m so thankful for you and your gift of energy healing! In one hour you helped unlock a deep rooted pain of an emergency c-section that I had no idea I needed to release! I feel amazing. So look forward to more sessions! Bonus - my house still smells like a beautiful bouquet of essential oils!

Kim O'Cain, Santa Monica, CA

I was skeptical about reiki due to a previous experience but Kelsey changed that. Along with reiki she uses other modalities like essential oils, healing stones etc to complement individual needs. 

Kelsey who is always smiling is an honest soul with a comforting and trusting touch, which immediately relaxes you to receive healing.  

I have felt improvement in chronic pain and overall energy and now look forward to our sessions!!

Neha Shah, Los Angeles, CA

I have done many things in my life to improve both my physical and mental health. I found that Reiki with Kelsey was one of my best experiences as it addressed physical, mental and spiritual healing.  I could feel the energy shifts in my body as the session progressed and ultimately at session end felt peace, relaxation, and diminishing of numerous body aches.  I highly recommend Reiki for anyone who is looking to improve their health and well-being.

Dr. Marjorie Karger, Breckenridge, CO

What a profound connection I have developed with Kelsey. As a health and wellness practitioner I am always exploring holistic modalities and work with many healers and bodyworkers. Kelsey is by far the only fellow practitioner that I refer clients to for Reiki. She is attentive, nurturing and vibrantly passionate about her craft. Her heart is huge and her ability to tap into your healing space is fascinating and powerful. My experiences with her have included emotional releases and moments of deep meditation. Helping to align my energy pathways, I crave her service regularly. Be open and try a session with AnthroAngel, I can promise you won't regret it!

Marlee Zeman,  Bodyworker/Myofascial Specialist & Therapeutic Laser Technician

Kelsey’s intuitive trust and deep listening has been the baseline of my healing with Kelsey’s practice. Incorporating her high vibration and multiple healing modalities; the use of pure essence oils awaking all my sensory receptors, support of crystal energy, calling in support of our “unseen” guides coupled with the energy movement from her Reiki healing I’m left feeling loved, seen, and held with a new perspective and clearer heart. 
Again please!

Annie Spong, Santa Monica, CA

My Reiki session with Kelsey included essential oils and special crystals which enhanced the experience. Kelsey had great energy and very calming  hands - it was only my 2nd Reiki experience but very magical!  I highly recommend.

Lea Roussos, Santa Monica, CA

I had the most amazing healing experience with Kelsey. After one session I felt a total shift in my energy and had such a deep spiritual connection. Kelsey is a true healer with a magical healing energy.

Jake Roussos, Santa Monica, CA

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