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Fir (Balsam)

Fir (Balsam)

Abies Balsamea (Canada)  



*Great for traveling on planes! Air germicide and anti-viral.

I will put some oil on the airplane air vents above my seat; Anoint under my nose, all over my neck and chest.  


Physical Properties:

Analgesic, adrenals, anti-bacterial, insect bites, strep, staph, anti-arthritic, insomnia, hemorrhoids, sinusitis, urinary, tonic, relieves sore throat, bronchitis, respiratory. Anti-tumoric, anti-viral, anti-cancer. Germicide for air. Common Colds.


Emotional/Spiritual Properties:

Calms in a grounding & centering way...not sedating.  Soft and sweet.

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