July 2022 Workshops


July 30, 2-3:30pm CST
Sunshine Yoga Shack, DFW, TX

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Reiki Certification


If you're on this page, chances are you feel called to become a Reiki Healer. Congratulations!

Reiki is an attunement of Reiki symbols whereby you channel "Universal Life Force" energy to heal yourself and others.

These are one-on-one sessions via Zoom where I will take you through each certification level. Reiki 1 and 2 can be done on back-to-back days.

Reiki 1 (2hrs) - $150

1. History of Reiki

2. How Reiki Works & Best Practices

3. Attunement Symbols

4. Reiki self, other items

Reiki 2 (2hrs) - $150

1. Using Reiki to Cleanse the Space

2. Working with the symbols

3. Reiki Others

4. Reiki Mantras and Meditations

One year after completing Reiki 2, with diligent practice and keeping a journal record of your experiences healing yourself and others, you may become a Reiki Master.

Reiki Master (3hrs) - $250

1. Attunement Symbols

2. How to pass attunement on to others

3. Teaching best practices

Please email me to setup a time: kelsey@anthroangel.com



The Reiki course was SO SPECIAL. It was more than what I expected. I sincrerely did not know much about how could it feel or be, energy can feel subtle when you are getting started. 

But it was the first time I ever truly felt like something OPENED inside me, like I was being connected to a higher energy. 

When I did the reiki on the other student, it gave me goose bumps to see how she told me EXACTLY where I started and how the energy moved through her without me saying anything. 

And I also felt my intuition more awake! 

The explanation was just enough and beautiful, but the most important and special part of it all for me, is your energy. You have such a pure and beautiful energy that being taught and receiving the attunement by you was the best decision. I believe it is important to make sure you learn from someone who lives from love and that does this to truly expand this healing and expansion of love with everyone. 

Thank you so much! I feel in the clouds haha like I am in a SUPER  high frequency! 

People have already reached for me to talk and they open up in very vulnerable and beautiful ways. It is amazing.

- María José Vargas, Costa Rica

Image by Alexey Fedenkov

Level 1 Aromatherapy Certification


Are you wanting to learn more about how pure medicinal grade plant essences can aide you to connect with your most authentic (Divine!) Self and plant consciousness? Are you ready to heal yourself and others on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels?

This is a private one-on-one experience via ZOOM that includes:

  • 15 hours of coursework in six 3-hour sessions scheduled on dates/times that suit both our schedules. We will cover the WOTE difference, essential oil properties, how they're made, safe practices, medicinal usage, and multi-level healing benefits. 

  • 45 sample bottle kits of Wisdom of the Earth essential oils.

  • 20% Discount on oils during the course. Discount does not apply during the time between your last class and turning in your paper.

  • A lifetime 22% Discount on Wisdom of the Earth essential oils after completing the course and turning in your paper within 3 months of completing the course. 

  • Learn how to develop your intuitive gifts and connect with plant spirits 

  • Wisdom of the Earth Reference Guide.

  • The ability to audit any other Level 1 courses for free from any WOTE teacher (all are super amazing) after completing the Level 1 Certification.

After completing the course and submitting your paper, you will receive your Level 1 Certificate from Wisdom of the Earth. (Don't worry! The paper is only five pages, double-spaced, and can be anything from creative writing and poetry to journaled experiences working with an essence).

COST: $975.00

Email me to get started!




Through my own healing journey, I was inspired to hold space for others to heal, Kelsey held space for me to learn and practice my gifts. She is a patient teacher, she is generous with her time and knowledge, it’s very clear her intention and purpose is to help others help themselves. Working with and learning from her is the best decision I have ever made for myself and benefits so many around me. I’m currently in the process of starting my own practice in hopes that I will provide space for others to heal as she has for me.

Thank you again for taking the time to teach me about these magical essences. Your knowledge and connection to them is so inspiring and I am honored to have had the opportunity to learn from you. In our short time together, I have developed more awareness of the special qualities that each of these essences have and have built a solid foundation of knowledge in regards to the art of aromatherapy. I look forward to continuing my journey with these spiritual beings as I spend more time connecting with all of their wisdom.

- Nikkita Weerasinghe

- Ashley Jones

Image by Greg Rakozy

Intuitive Development


Do you want to connect with your Higher Self, Spirit Realm, and Great Spirit (a.k.a. God, Source, Universal Consciousness) to deeply know who you really are and what your purpose is? 

Do you want to explore and heal yourself on a deep level across space-time, past lives and akashic records?

Do you want to develop your psychic-medium gifts?

All the answers to the above are WITHIN!

How do you go within? Quiet the mind and experience 'the within' for yourself.

Sounds simple enough. Yet I know just how frustrating and super intense this process can be if we choose it to be so. 

I'm here to help make this re-membering experience fun and easy!

In 1-hour one-on-one ZOOM sessions, I will guide you through exercises, shamanic journeys, psychic/energy protection, working with your Divine Spirit Guides (such as ArchAngels, ascended masters and power animals) and will heal/remove any blocks inhibiting your intuitive development, all aimed to help you go within and re-member who you are, to commune with your Higher Self and Great Spirit, and experience a life of love, joy, bliss, and abundance. 

Each 1 hour session = $77

Where do we start? We start with what you are most passionate about learning and go from there. 

Take as many or as few sessions as you need. You decide when you're ready for the next session. Sometimes it will take you a week to integrate what you've learned, while sometimes it may take a month. It's a flow.

Email me to get started and setup a session: kelsey@anthroangel.com



I can wholeheartedly say now that Kelsey always intuitively knew what I am capable of. I first met her in search of pulling myself out of darkness, she lit the match handed me the torch and guided me out of that darkness so I could share my light in abundance. In doing so she opened my eyes to a different way of being and connecting to myself and everything around me. She is a dedicated guide for my intuitive journey and has helped me find my own tools in practicing Shamanism. I am just beginning but I trust and believe more now than I ever have.

- Nikkita Weerasinghe