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About Kelsey Deanne Grubbs

I have had many life chapters in many places. I grew up in various parts of the US, a lover of the performing arts and experiencing different cultures, weaving the analytical mind with the feeling heart. I went to a conservatory of music for concert piano, and completed undergraduate and Master’s degrees in anthropology. The mind exhausted, I pursued acting and narrative filmmaking for 10 years in NYC, LA and London. The heart and spirit exhausted, the path of the healer found me. Realizing my psychic-mediumship abilities (which we all have), I became a Reiki Master, shamanic practitioner, sound healer, and master medicinal aromatherapist. Now, living in Scotland, I am integrating my experiences and completing a PhD in social anthropology at the University of Edinburgh. My research uses ethnographic and documentary filmmaking to explore how humans and more-than-humans can live in harmony for personal and ecological health.

I have these certificates and degrees:

- Reiki Master Teacher Certification with Rev. Krista Jacobson Thompson.

- Advanced Shamanic Courses with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, founded by anthropologist Michael Harner.  

- 200 YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) with Gypsea School of Yoga in Uvita, Costa Rica.

- Advanced Medicinal Aromatherapy and Teaching Certification with Wisdom of the Earth in Sedona, AZ.

- Native American Flute with Ami Sarasvati.

- Sound Bowl Healing with Natasha Ponton, Solaris Sound Healing.

- Herbology Certification from the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh

BA Anthropology, Lawrence University

MA Applied Anthropology, University of North Texas

MA Anthropology, The New School

PhD Candidate Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh​

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