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Aphrodisiac Bliss Flow with Medicinal Grade Plant Oils

Have you ever looked at a flower and thought, “My God! She’s just oozing sex!”?

Or, have you ever looked at a tree and thought, “Hot damn! That’s my kind of BIG piece of wood!”?

Okay, maybe just me…

But you can’t deny that Mother Earth is a kinky saucy minx!

By Georgia O’Keeffe By Elly Smallwood IG: @ellysmallwood

There’s a reason the plant kingdom can teach us so much – we mirror each other. We are connected. Whether it’s learning how to have altruistic community and communication, syncing our circadian rhythms with the sun as sunflowers do (aka heliotropism), or learning about how to radiantly blossom to sensorially attract what you want and manifest.

One of the many things I love about working with medicinal grade plant oils is they just make you feel oh so good: emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. So many of the Wisdom of the Earth oils have “aphrodisiac” listed as a healing property. And it makes sense!

When you’re feelin’ good, lookin’ good, and smellin’ good - bingo bango! That’s when the magic happens… a.k.a. aphrodisia baby!

And with Valentine’s Day fast approaching (which my partner and I celebrate every day not just February 14!) and people having 15% less sex during this pandemic era, now is a good time to rectify the situation and check yo self before you wreck yo self.

But why is sex and getting all up in aphrodisia feels so important?

Let me clarify. Aphrodisiac’s etymology is from the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite.

Love and beauty… not necessarily sex. I feel that many in society have perverted the term aphrodisiac to be all about sexual desire and libido. Which yes, sex is a beautiful and necessary thing (for me at least), but you have to have love and beauty to really experience aphrodisia.

Love and beauty inspire us in creativity, fun, joy, serving with compassion,

and finding your purpose.

I recently finished reading Hank Wesselman’s The Bowl of Light in which Hawaiian Shaman Kahuna Hale Makua shares that to find our purpose in life is to remember who we are and where we are. We do this by coming into positive polarity – a.k.a. in harmony and balance with ourselves, the Divine, and others.

How do we come into harmony and balance?

Essentially, it’s very simple: Follow Your bliss!

"If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in your field of bliss, and they open doors to you. I say, follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be." - Joseph Campbell

AND when you are in positive polarity and connected to Spirit (or Universe Energy or God or whatever term you choose) and your Divine Helpers, then guess what?

You Can Manifest!

But sometimes there are so many stressors in life that it’s hard to be in positive polarity and follow our bliss. Work and obligations encroach on our perceived time to engage in bliss. However, if our work and obligations are not in alignment with our positive polarity, then it’s not serving us or the world. You’re on a hamster wheel of slow tortured death!

There are many “bliss tools” that may help us shed any negative energy obstructing our bliss flow such as meditation, yoga, dance, music, swimming in the ocean, etc.

However, nothing is as potent as sex.

As Hale Makua said, “sexuality is one of the great gateways to transcendent experience because the ‘unihipili [subconscious] is very impressed by physical experiences that it likes. In fact, sexuality is probably the fastest way we can reach Spirit. But we have to be in love for that to happen. When we are in that intense and focused state of aloha [to be in the presence of divinity], this sexual energy brings us into connection with transcendence. And it is then, precisely then, that we may touch the universe-and it may touch us. Yet the key is always aloha.”

So…let’s do it. Let’s fall in love and get our romp on!

Scared of falling in love and embracing your saucy sexuality?

You’ll seriously be amazed at the magical aphrodisia and loving compassion WOTE medicinal plant oils have.

Here are some of my faves. What deva(s) speaks to you?!

1. Osmanthus: Spiritually, emotionally, and physically orgasmic.

2. Sandalwood: Also aids in insecurities.

3. Magnolia Blossom Michelia Alba: Clarifies & Increases Chakras 4, 7, 8. Divine love & purification.

4. Patchouli: Self-love extending to outward love.

5. Jasmine: Opens door to work on anger issues.

6. Neroli: Highly anti-fear. Arch Angel Gabriel energy of Joy.

7. Paramela: Spiritual and emotional freedom. Desert wind energetics.

8. Vanilla: Dream retention. Very calming. Aids in anger, heavy emotions, frustrations, tensions.

If you’re drawn to working with medicinal plant oils, Book a consultation with me! and I'll help find the right oil for you.

Much Love,


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