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The Magic of Water

Wave Photo by César Couto on Unsplash.

What is it about the waves – rising and falling, rising and falling – that hypnotizes us into being? We are kindred spirits, the ocean and us.

Our physical bodies are made up of 70% water – perfect conduits for energy, with our spines running along our major organs and chakras, serving as antennas tuning into whatever we choose to focus on. That’s the secret. We have a choice in how we perceive our experiences and be as human be-ings. We can choose to tune into those nasty closed-minded channels, or we can choose to be open to experience carpe diem.

I recently started swimming in the Pacific Ocean (Thank you Alexa Fischer and Wishbeads), and it’s changed my life on many levels. (More on the series of synchronicities that led to this and continue to unfold in a different blog).

Have you ever swam out into the ocean where it’s calm, or even just floated in your bath tub, closed your eyes, and fully relinquished control to the water? If you do, you know what I’m talking about. The greatest source of magnetism is water – Mother Earth’s natural feminine supply of energy – which calms the body, slows down its natural processes, and opens our intuition[1]. You feel the energy flow below you, supporting you, releasing negativity and regenerating you with love and wholeness.

Breathing in crisp clean air above while feeling the sun’s warmth, bodies quickly melt away as our souls merge with the Earth. We have no bodies, just energy. That’s what unites everyone and everything – we are energy. Labels and categories are just illusionary words we subscribe to when energy we don’t like or don’t understand come at us. But when we scrape away words, what’s left is just energy. There’s no judgement, nor anything to figure out or discern. We just are.

Now, imprint this sensation and knowingness of what energy is into your being. Carry it with you throughout the day so that when challenging opportunity arise and emotions start flooding in, just notice it as energy coming in, and going out – just like the waves. Emotions are just energy flowing in and out – you are not your emotions[2]. Remember: You have a choice on how to engage with energy.

So, when someone cuts you off in traffic or someone else tells you how you should be living your life, let it go. Don’t waste time pining over power plays because at the end of the day, who cares? You still got to wherever you were going in your car on time, and maybe that person giving you their two cents presents an opportunity for you to learn about boundaries, or maybe even quiet your bruised ego and listen to some great advice. When you hold on to emotions, you may miss the beautiful butterfly floating over your windscreen to say hello, or you let your yummy hot tea go cold thinking of how to respond to that ugly email. Let it go, and realign your focus to love and gratitude.

For those of you who are science geeks, my WOTE aromatherapy teacher shared Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book The Hidden Messages of Water where he writes about his scientific experiments photographing the effects that different words and pictures have on water crystal formations. For example, negative energy in the form of music, words and images cause water crystals to fray, while positive energy forms beautiful and perfect crystals.

Since humans are 70% water, we need to be very aware of what and who we are surrounding ourselves with and ingesting. And maybe when we get a headache or get sick, the first thing we do shouldn’t be to pop an aspirin, but rather take a look around. Anything negative in your sphere that you need to step away from?

One of my side gigs is helping my badass friend Nicole Dunn with her PR Company Dunn Pellier Media. One of our clients is Dr. Kien Vuu, a brilliant medical doctor who has tapped in to the power of the mind to overcome illness. In his new book, he writes:

“I have talked with many people about their health problems, and I have come to see that ailments are largely a result of negative emotions. If you can erase the cause of such emotions, you have an innate capacity to recover from illness. The importance of being positive cannot be underestimated. Positive thinking will strengthen your immune system and help to set you moving towards recovery – a fact that the medical community is starting to wake up to”.

I would add to this in saying yes, absolutely think positive, but let BOTH positive and negative energies flow. When we hold on to positive emotions, that can easily turn into negativity. Have you seen those clingy and controlling couples? They loved the ‘honeymoon phase’ of positive emotions flooding in so much that they desperately try to hold on to them, but ultimately create codependency. But energy is meant to flow and be free – just as we are.

Dr. Vuu’s book quote above also led me to question, what if there are no causes of emotions? What if the cause doesn’t matter? What if life is about learning to let emotions (a.k.a. energy) just come and go instead of latching onto them? Yes, we can dissect the cause of why we have certain emotions, just like we can scientifically analyze what causes waves in the ocean. Or we can just let it be and let energy do its thing[3].

That’s what I’m seeing in the power of Reiki energy healing. Most people have stuck energy that they’ve been consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously holding onto. Reiki is basically an energetic zap to your system to help you open up those clenched fists and release whatever you’re holding on to, and let the energy flow.

The other ‘secret’ is that there is no cap on energy. People often say “I only have X amount of love to give”. But, if love is an energy that flows in and out of you, then tap into the source of love for more and more energy to flow. What is the source? You’re in it. You are it. Look in and around you.

You can learn a lot from the water. But it’s a balance of giving and receiving. Even just giving back by taking a wee moment to pause and thank the ocean before slipping in or before sipping that glass of water. Your energy of gratitude will change both the water and you. If you need scientific evidence, just pin up Emoto’s photos where you can see it as a reminder.

[1] The Sedona Guide Book of Channeled Wisdom by Page Bryant, 1991. [2] Thank you Robert Colt for this wonderful piece of wisdom. [3] I’m thankful to two people in my life who introduced me to Michael Singer’s books on quieting the mind and our thoughts, and just saying “yes” to whatever opportunities are presented to us to learn, grow, and serve.

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